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Personal Guides


Spend time with a unique local personality and connector for the benefits of guided travel without giving up your independence. Personal guides are available for hire at hourly and daily rates.

Carlo Less

Carlo has spent the last 20 years working in the local entertainment and film industry. A dedicated family man, Carlo is also a producer of several annual music events; a video and music producer/director; a travel and location specialist for media production companies; and an expert on Rastafari, local history and music culture.

Tamika Nelson

Meet Tamika, a vibrant, free spirited, nature loving, water baby. She’s a talented makeup artist and hair stylist, and one of our go-to crew members for music and film productions. Tamika is an avid lover of music, especially Dub, Reggae & Rockers; a guest house operator and passionate chef; and an event planner. A true multi-faceted Jamaican woman!

Miles Walcott

Miles is an actor, a writer and a photo/video documentalist. Easy-going with a captivating energy, Miles hopes to share the knowledge he has gained through his journey on planet Earth, from Jamaica’s rich visual culture to its creative history, and all of which continue to influence global lifestyles and trends even today.

Soren Waugh

Soren is a travel researcher, a production assistant and a public relations agent. An intermittent blogger, Soren’s all-time, hands-down favorite place is in Jamaica is Kingston. She's spent the last several years immersed in the country’s nightlife, digging up all the best places to have a good time both in and out of the capital.

Blaise Davis

Blaise is a recording engineer and music producer from Kingston. His track ``Black is Beautiful`` was nominated for a Grammy as part of a best Reggae album nod in 2018. Blaise works with some of the brightest young stars in Jamaica's prolific music industry. His interests include music, nature, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

Markus Braun

Markus is originally from Germany. He’s been an organic agriculture consultant and farm inspector in the Caribbean for over 20 years. Markus is the organizer of Jamaica’s Slow Food Movement, cultivating healthy food to stimulate sustainable rural communities. He’s a certified organic produce exporter and maroon community liaison for interaction with fragile ecosystems.

Marlon Stewart-Gaynor

Marlon is a multi-talented musician, producer and true music industry insider. He’s also a Jamaica Tourist Board-certified Tour Guide with top of class honors. A former JTB staffer, Marlon was part of the host delegation and served as Local Concierge and Head of Security for The Imperial Royal Family of Ethiopia during their official visit to Jamaica in 2016.

Susanne Fredricks

Susanne Fredricks is one of Jamaica's foremost gallerists and art dealers. She has been working in the local art scene for the past 18 years, staging several exhibitions and recently launching an online platform. Susanne also consults and implements corporate art programmes, and serves as an art advisor for local and diasporic collections.


Talk to local people, learn about indigenous cultures, feel the beat of Jamaica’s world-renowned music, pass through the home of Reggae legend Bob Marley, and follow the smoke trail to the healing heart of Rastafari.