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Experience the movements and rhythms that dominate the modern-day music scene in Jamaica. Dancehall music and its erotic dance moves have long been influencing dance enthusiasts and professional dancers all around the world.

A classic Caribbean night on the town. Enjoy cocktails at a local watering hole, dinner at a great restaurant savouring the local cuisine of your choice, then dance the night away at a popular hotspot. Laughter and lively entertainment. Experiences booked within 24hrs from start of tour are […]

Inhale the view at a place where the bass notes vibrate you to your core and make you feel tingly all over. Old school cultural music, dancing, good vibes, Ital food and beautiful people. A must-do for Reggae music lovers

 4+ hrs.
 Itineraries can be planned to include all ages, but adults 18 and over have more options.+