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A sensational culinary spree through Jamaica’s capital city. Eat a patty, check a juice man, savor some gourmet Ital and stop in at the market. Then explore some of Kingston’s more renowned local food corners before finishing off with a decadent coffee/tea and dessert. Experiences […]

Explore the art of Jamaica with an expertly guided tour of local works and their histories. Take a tour of the National Gallery of Jamaica, the largest public museum in the English-speaking Caribbean, then check out a current commercial collection along with some renowned street […]

$495 / 1 to 2 persons

Spend two nights up in the clouds, in the coffee farming region of globally-renowned Blue Mountain Coffee and World Heritage Site of the Blue and John Crow Mountains. Visit a working coffee farm to learn about the history and production of coffee, tour a medicinal […]

$1340 per person, double occupancy

A classic Caribbean night on the town. Enjoy cocktails at a local watering hole, dinner at a great restaurant savouring the local cuisine of your choice, then dance the night away at a popular hotspot. Laughter and lively entertainment. Experiences booked within 24hrs from start of tour are […]

Experience the movements and rhythms that dominate the modern-day music scene in Jamaica. Dancehall music and its erotic dance moves have long been influencing dance enthusiasts and professional dancers all around the world.

An extensive music tour tracing the evolution of Jamaican music from the sounds of the Taino Indians through to Ska, Mento, Rocksteady, Dub, Reggae and Dancehall. A feast for the ears as well as the heart. Visits to all major music sites. Experiences booked within 24hrs from start […]