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Experience the natural wonders of this lovely site, hidden away in the hills of St. Ann. Inhale fresh air, talk to the farmer, plant a tree and savour a 6-course gourmet lunch. A priceless trip – and easily the best dining experience anywhere in Jamaica.  Please call […]

Enter the world of Rastafari – a way of life indigenous to Jamaica – to learn about its origin, teachings, and philosophy. Explore the works of Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Reggae and the One Love phenomena. A spiritual journey to the Most High. Please call or email to request your booking […]

A favorite hike of nature and adventure lovers, ascending to the highest point on the island at over 7000ft. Enjoy dinner by the fireplace at base camp, then get an early rest before setting off in the wee morning hours to catch sunrise at the peak. Please […]

Full day.
Ages 12+ (moderately difficult hike).+

Board a luxury motor sailing vessel at Kingston Yacht Club and spend the day on the sea. Stop off at Lime Cay, the city’s beloved party island, before heading for the pristine sandbar of Maiden Cay. A day of sun, sand, waves and sweet sensations. Rate quoted is […]

Spend a 1/2 day surfing Jamaica’s best waves with the coolest instructors this side of the planet. We may not be Hawaii, but what we lack in wave height we make up for in style and panache. Beginner’s welcome, lessons provided. Please call or email to request your booking […]

Take a journey into the culture of the indigenous Maroon people. Check out exhibits, learn about natural medicines, speak with community elders, and discover a vibrant way of life that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Please call or email to request your […]

Actor Errol Flynn famously described Port Antonio as “more beautiful than any woman I have ever seen”. Experience lush rainforests, white sand beaches, the Blue Lagoon, rafting on the Rio Grande, swimming at Frenchman’s Cove and so much more. Please call or email to request […]

Head for the hills, to the low hanging mist and breathtaking views of the Blue Mountains. Visit a working coffee farm for an official tour, take a stroll through lush park gardens, dip your toes in an icy spring, savour a truly unforgettable gourmet lunch. Please call or email to […]

Take a scenic road trip to soak in a hot spring. The sulfurous springs in Jamaica are renowned for their curative properties and some of the highest mineral content in the world. A truly healing pilgrimage. Please call or email to request your booking dates.  Trips can be […]

Inhale the view at a place where the bass notes vibrate you to your core and make you feel tingly all over. Old school cultural music, dancing, good vibes, Ital food and beautiful people. A must-do for Reggae music lovers

 4+ hrs.
 Itineraries can be planned to include all ages, but adults 18 and over have more options.+